Jamaica’s Name Flying High in the Skies Again!

Look here nuh, the nature of my personal and professional life demands that I have to do a lot of travel by air.

Yeah man, as the inimitable King of Jam-aican comedy Oliver Samuels famously said, I fly regular; very regular! But, listen up peeps; I’m not saying this out of an abundance of braggadocio. It’s really a statement of fact. I do spend a lot of time in airports and on airplanes.

So you can well imagine that as a proud and fiercely patriotic frequent-flying Jamaican, I was among those who were heartbroken when our friends from the land of steel pan, calypso and roti took over our good-good Air Jamaica brand, and started treating it like the second string actor in a show starring their Caribbean Airlines brand. Mi bex till mi nearly buss!

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