Georgetown, Guyana

Plan your tranquil escape to Guyana. It is a scenic Amazonian space perfect for the adventurists and eco-tourists.

Visitors will enjoy serene forests, pristine savannas, stunning flora and fauna, and riveting waterfalls.

The magic of Kaieteur Falls

Kaieteur Falls is one of Guyana’s greatest wonders. Located in the Potaro-Siparuni region, the Kaieteur Falls has an elevation of 4380 feet, with a single drop measuring 741 feet. The Kaieteur Falls is majestic in both height and volume averaging 663 cubic meters (23,400 cubic feet) per second.  It is therefore one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. Where the drop meets the river is an outstretched blend of mist and foam. Its width ranges from 250 to 400 feet. This and other waterfalls in Guyana are worth every second. The magic of Kaieteur Falls is enhanced by its surroundings. If you’re looking for untouched and pristine natural beauty, look no further.

Surama Eco-Lodge and Village

You must visit the serene Surama Eco-Lodge, which is nestled in a small Amerindian village located on about five square miles of savannah land. It is home to the Macushi tribe and offers only eight rooms to reduce any impact on the traditional lifestyles of the tribe. This award-winning eco-lodge was recognized by the Caribbean Tourism Organization for excellence in sustainable tourism. Surama has carefully developed its tourism products and there is somethings special for the nature lover or adventurist in this isolated and captivating part of Guyana. Take a tour of the village, go birdwatching, check out magnificent wildlife or visit a traditional spa.

Bird watchers paradise

Guyana is home to over 800 species of birds. Believe it or not they have some of the most delightful and exotic names, such as the Blue-checked Amazon, the Painted Parakeet and the Waved Woodpecker. When you get there see if you can pick out the Paradise Jacamar or the Red-bellied Macaw. You can also spot exotic bird species along the coastline, which is becoming a popular destination for bird lovers. There you can definitely spot Guyana’s national bird, the Hoatzin, in magnificent numbers, known to the locals as the Canje Pheasant.

St. George's Cathedral

Colonial in its design and construction, the St. George’s Cathedral stands at a regal 43.5 metres. It is the tallest wooden church in the world with signature Gothic architectural features like flying buttresses, tracery stonework in the windows, a clerestory welcoming a treasure of natural light, and pointed arches. The cathedral was designed by Sir Arthur Bloomfield and opened in 1894. St. Georges, located on Church Street in Georgetown, is one of Guyana’s most treasured monuments. History and architecture lovers, your trip won’t be complete until visit this beloved site.

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