Collection and Delivery of Baggage

Collection and Delivery of Baggage

Fly Jamaica Airways is committed to have your baggage travel with you.

Delivery of Bagagge

Fly Jamaica Airways will issue a baggage identification tag for every piece checked by the passenger. Only the passenger in possession of this tag can accept delivery of the baggage. If the passenger claiming the checked baggage is unable to produce his/her portion of the baggage identification tag, he/she must satisfactorily prove to Fly Jamaica Airways that the baggage belongs to him/her before the airline will deliver the baggage. Acceptance of the baggage without complaint by the passenger in possession of the baggage identification tag is evidence that the carrier delivered the baggage in good condition.

Delayed or Damaged Baggage

Please advise the Fly Jamaica Airways agent or representative if your baggage is delayed or damaged prior to leaving the airport at your destination. For any enquiries please call 876-656-9843 or 876-656-9845.

Right to Refuse Carriage of Baggage

Fly Jamaica Airways will refuse to carry as checked baggage any bag that is discovered to contain any item prohibited by the laws of the countries being flown, through or over. The airline will also refuse to transport any item found unacceptable by its own determination, or any dangerous goods, carriage of which is governed by international regulations where the passenger fails to provide the carrier with prior notice that they wish to carry such an item in their baggage. Fly Jamaica Airways may, at its sole discretion, refuse to carry any baggage because of its size, shape, weight or character restrictions. Baggage which is in excess of the free baggage allowance may be carried on later flights. To avoid the refusal of your baggage, please pack your baggage items securely in suitable suitcases, bags, boxes or containers.

Right of Search

Fly Jamaica Airways may request the passenger to permit a search to be conducted of his/her person and baggage. The purpose of any search is to ensure aircraft and passenger safety and security to determine whether the passenger is in possession of and/or the baggage contains unacceptable items mentioned above or any arms or ammunition which has not been presented to the carrier. If the passenger refuses to comply with the request for search, the carrier may refuse to carry the passenger and/or his/her baggage.

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