Contingency Plan

Contingency Plan

Customer Service Plan for Travelers To and From the United States

Fly Jamaica’s Customer Commitment: Our vision is to be the world’s best airline. Being the best means we always strive to excel in everything we do. Our dynamic team provides the highest quality of service so that you are happy you chose Fly Jamaica. Our mission is to put safety first, provide outstanding products and services and deliver service straight from the heart. This Customer Service Plan outlines twelve important areas that assure customers of our high service standards and that we have measures in place to deliver them. While Fly Jamaica may apply some of the policies discussed below in more than one country, this document is intended only for customers enquiring about, booking, or travelling on flights to and from the United States. It is organized according to the twelve areas addressed in U.S. Department of Transportation regulations:

  1. Disclosure of lowest fare offered
  2. Customer notifications regarding delayed flights, cancellations and diversion events
  3. Baggage delivery
  4. Reservations on hold at the quoted fare
  5. Refunds of paid reservations and fees
  6. Customers with disabilities and other special needs
  7. Customer care during lengthy tarmac delays (Contingency Plan for Lengthy Tarmac Delays in the United States)
  8. Boarding priority on oversold flights
  9. Disclosure of cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configurations etc.
  10. Customer notifications regarding flight itinerary changes
  11. Responding to customer complaints, issues and enquiries
  12. Other Services Fly Jamaica offers to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free

1. Disclosure of lowest fare offered

Customers enquiring about a fare or booking through our website or Reservations hotline will be offered our lowest available fares that meet customers’ travel requirements. Here is advice for finding our lowest fares: Be flexible with your travel dates. When making a booking online, our travel calendar shows you the best available fares for all flights within 3 days of your preferred travel date

  • Avoid peak travel periods such as holidays
  • Make your bookings as far in advance as possible
  • Sign up to receive notifications by email or check with our Reservation Department about our latest promotions.

2. Customer notifications regarding flight delays, cancellations and diversions events

When Fly Jamaica knows of a significant flight delay, cancellation, or diversion within seven (7) calendar days of a scheduled departure to, from, the US, it will endeavor to provide customers timely updates online, at U.S. airports, and through its messaging system. Such updates, based on the best information available at the time, may include provisional or estimated departure times and reasons for the delay, cancellation or diversion.

3. Baggage delivery

It is our intention to ensure that our customers and their baggage travel on the same flight and that baggage is delivered to our customers on time. Should your baggage be delayed, we will make every reasonable effort to return it to you within 24 hours. There are a number of factors that can cause baggage to be delayed, sometimes for more than 24 hours. These include: customs and immigration procedures, unusual operational interruptions, and/or the handling of baggage by other carriers (for itineraries involving more than one airline). If you are unable to locate a bag upon arrival, you should notify a Fly Jamaica baggage services agent prior to customs clearance. A report will be filed for you at that time, and you will be given a phone number for follow-up. You will receive periodic updates regarding the status of your baggage. Once a delayed bag is located, you will be contacted to come in and clear your luggage. Listed below are some circumstances that may inhibit our ability to return your bag within 24 hours: e.g.

  • You have not provided name, local address or phone number
  • You are located at a remote area or an "unreachable" address, such as a cruise ship or a camping site etc.
  • You changed your local phone number or address but did not notify us
  • We have limited flight schedules to your destination
  • Operational circumstances prevent us from being able to locate your bag within this timeframe.

  We will attempt to contact all customers whose unclaimed checked baggage contains contact information. A record of your delayed baggage, once you report it, will be kept on file pending delivery to you. This will include the contact information you provided when you filed your report. Should you need to change this information, please send us a message or make a call to the phone number provided to you when filing your report. Subject to international agreements and conventions that may limit compensation, we will compensate you for reasonable expenses that incur as a result of the delay in delivery. We also will reimburse you for any airline fees charged for transporting a bag that is not recovered. Please send us the supporting documents or call the phone number provided to you when filing your report. Helpful Suggestions:Although statistics suggest it is highly likely your baggage will arrive with you, there is a possibility it might inadvertently be misrouted. For this reason, it is important to place your name, address, and telephone number(s) on the outside and inside of your baggage. This will also make your baggage easier to identify when claiming it at your destination. You are also advised to carry certain items onboard with you; these include, but are not limited to, travel documents, medication, jewellery, cash, keys, business documents, electronics and other items of high value. Fly Jamaica Airways will not be liable for any loss reported for the abovementioned items.

4. Reservations on hold at the quoted fare

Fly Jamaica will implement the new US standards that will allow purchasers in the US, for bookings made 7 days or earlier before departure, involving itineraries to/from USA, to either: (i) hold bookings for 24 hours at quoted fares without payment for bookings made via the worldwide reservations office or (ii) within 24 hours after purchase, cancel paid reservations for a full refund, for bookings made via the internet on the US site.

5. Refunds of paid reservations and fees

  General refund policy

  1. All refunds are subject to the Terms and Conditions of each fare. Subject to Section 4, some air fares are non-refundable and some are refundable with a handling fee of a specified amount; exceptions may also apply.
  2. Fly Jamaica generally will not issue refunds for paid reservations that have expired or are no longer valid.
  3. We will only process refunds for paid reservations issued by Fly Jamaica. If a payment for reservation was not collected by Fly Jamaica, please direct your refund request to the company that received payment.
  4. Fly Jamaica will refund, using the same procedures outlined below for paid reservations, fees charged to a passenger for optional services that the passenger was unable to use due to an oversale situation or flight cancellation.

Refund Procedures and Amount

  1. If the airfare is refundable, we will issue a refund subject to the following rules:
    • If the itinerary is totally unused, the refund will be the full amount paid less any applicable service charges/penalties.
    • If the itinerary is partially used, the refund will be the difference between the fare paid and the fare for the transportation used, as determined by the applicable fare rules, plus deduction from any applicable service charges/penalties;
    • You should cancel your flight booking if you don’t intend to use it. Otherwise, a no-show fee, in addition to any service charge and/or penalty, may be deducted from the refund.
  2. If the air travel portion of your itinerary is non-refundable:
    • You should still cancel your flight booking in order to get the refund of any unused tax, fee or charges, most (but not all) of which are refundable;
    • The non-refundable portion of the itinerary always remains non-refundable. For example, if a fare is non-refundable, the value remains non-refundable even it is reissued as a refundable fare.
  3. For an involuntary downgrade refund, the refund amount should be the proportional fare difference between the paid class and the actual class of travel.
  4. We may refuse to make a refund in a currency other than the currency of purchase, or in a country other than the country in which the purchase was originally made. If we make it at our discretion to pay the refund in other currency (i.e. other than the original payment currency), it will be converted at the prevailing bank rate of the date of refund.
  5. Paid Reservations will be refunded only to the person named on the itinerary as the passenger, except:
    • Payments with a credit card will be refunded to the account of the credit card used.
    • Guarantee payment collected via a MCO (miscellaneous charge order) will be refunded to the account of the credit card used for the purchase of the original paid reservation.
    • Payment receipt issued with a government transportation request will be refunded to the government agency that issued the transportation request.
  6. For eligible refund requests, we will make every effort to provide refunds as set out below:
    • For airfare purchased with a credit card by U.S. residents, or in the US by non-US residents, for Fly Jamaica flights to, from, or through the US, we will instruct the credit card issuer to provide a refund within 7 business days after we receive required refund information. Refunds for purchases in the US of Fly Jamaica flights to, from, or through the US by any other means, including cash, cheques, vouchers or MCOs, will be issued within 20 calendar days after we receive required refund information.
    • For credit card refunds, we will notify the credit card issuer as described above, but when the refund is credited to your credit card account depends on the cut-off date set by the card issuing bank. It is not unusual for the refund credit to appear in the succeeding monthly credit card statement. You may verify the refund receipt directly with your card issuing bank.
    • If the airfare is purchased through a travel agent, the refund should be processed by the same travel agent. Travel agents may submit refund applications to Fly Jamaica Airways for:
      • For totally unused itinerary, we will authorize no later than the succeeding remittance date, or within 30 days, after the refund application is received from the agent.
      • For partly used itineraries, we will authorize no later than two months after the refund application is received from the agent.


  1. Certain refund requests cannot be accommodated in the above time frames. They include, but are not limited to:
    • Itineraries with adjustments that require verification of the itinerary and class of service provided. (For example, difference between involuntary downgrade from a higher class of service paid for and lower class of service actually provided by a carrier other than Fly Jamaica.) This can take up to 60 days.

6. Customers with disabilities and other special needs

We strive to provide a respectful, attentive and caring service to our customers with disabilities and unaccompanied minors in making our customers’ travel experience with Fly Jamaica as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible at all times. Customers with Disabilities We endeavor to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, and our flights and services are in full compliance with all applicable regulations. We are specially trained to deliver our commitment to our customers with disabilities. We recognize that our customers may need special assistance during their travel. For assistance, customers should contact our staff when arriving at the airport. However, certain service requests require advance notice so that better accommodation for individuals’ needs can be met. For more details, please refer to Special Assistance on our Website or contact our local Reservations call center.1855-WEFLYJA (1-855-933-5952 ) During lengthy tarmac delays, our airport staff and crew will make every effort to properly accommodate and assist customers with disabilities. Unaccompanied Children and Minors Young customers travelling alone are welcome on our non-stop or direct flights making a stop without a change of aircraft flights under certain circumstances. Minors aged 5 to 14 years of age shall only fly unaccompanied if they are using the UM service. We provide, for a fee, UM service for children aged 5 to 11 years. The service is extended to children aged 12 to 17 years at the request of their parent or guardian, free of charge. The safety and well being of the young customers are our top priorities. Arrangement for Unaccompanied Minors service is required at least 48 hours notice in advance. Fees and service charges apply for this service. Parents and guardians will be required to fill out a UM Services Form. Fly Jamaica will care for the passengers using the Unaccompanied Minors service throughout the journey until the passenger is met by the nominated adult at the arriving airport. The responsible person meeting the child at the arrival airport must provide proof of identification before the child is handed over. If there is a possibility that the child’s flight will be delayed or misconnected for any reason, the parent/guardian will be notified, and in certain circumstances (such as a lengthy delay) this individual may be required to pick up the Unaccompanied Minor at the airport. In the case of an emergency the parent or guardian of the child must provide the airline with the name and phone number of a designate person who can be contacted while the minor is in Fly Jamaica Airways care. Please note: Guardians of Unaccompanied Minors are required to remain at the airport in contact with Fly Jamaica Airways until the flight has departed.

7. Customer care during lengthy tarmac delays

Tarmac delays may happen due to various reasons such as safety requirements, unfavourable weather conditions, air traffic congestion and other operational factors. Fly Jamaica always strives for the highest quality service so that our customers are happy they have chosen to fly with us. In this respect, we have developed a comprehensive contingency plan, making sure we consistently meet our customers' essential needs in the event of a lengthy tarmac delay. You may review our plan here. CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR TARMAC DELAYS

8. Boarding priority on oversold flights

Over sales or overbooking is a common industry practice, due to the number of passengers that cancel their bookings close to departure or fail to show up for a flight. If at the time of departure, there are still more passengers with confirmed reservations than vacant seats available, our airport team will provide information about our denied boarding policy and passengers will be asked to give up their seats voluntarily in exchange for a compensation. In rare circumstances, should there be not enough passengers willing to give up their seats voluntarily; other passengers may be denied boarding on an involuntary basis. Apart from a few exceptions, under such circumstances, passengers originating in the United States who are denied boarding involuntarily will be entitled to the denied boarding compensation in line with US Department of Transportation regulations. Non-US originating passengers will be compensated under Fly Jamaica’s Denied Boarding Policies. Passengers denied boarding due to over sales will be treated with fairness and consistency and as described in our policies and procedures. They generally will be protected or rerouted to the final destination of the fare presented at check-in by the first available flight(s) or at a later date if the passenger requests.

9. Disclosure of cancellation policies, frequent flyer rules, aircraft seating configurations, etc.

Our website and our Reservation agents can assist you with the following information: Terms and conditions, including cancellation policies that affect your travel. All itineraries purchased are subject to the Fly Jamaica Conditions of Carriage and the terms regarding cancellations, fares, taxes, baggage, policies and processes and other important conditions of your travel with Fly Jamaica. Our Conditions of Carriage are available at our website at All paid reservations are also subject to additional special terms and conditions based on the fare paid. Such terms and conditions are available for your review prior to purchase of the fare. Information on aircraft seat configurations and lavatories. Information on Fly Jamaica’s aircraft is available on our website. Please note that operational considerations may sometimes require that we change the aircraft to be used for a particular flight. Frequent flyer program information. Our Frequent Flyer Program will be implemented in the near future. Information on the terms and conditions will be posted on our website:

10. Customer notifications regarding flight itinerary changes

Sometimes the itinerary of a scheduled flight will change more than seven (7) days before the scheduled departure. In that case, Fly Jamaica will make that information available in a timely manner.

11. Responding to customer complaints, issues and enquiries

Your Experience with Us We are committed to delivering the best products and services to our customers. We have a dedicated team of front line staff ready to assist you with your travel needs. They will do their best to resolve problems that may arise during your trip. Should you have any concerns relating to our products or services, please do share this with us as it will help us provide better customer service. Our Customer Relations department is committed to addressing all customer feedback and concerns, and welcomes the opportunity to respond. If you direct your written concern to us by letter, or fax, through the email address as shown below. Will acknowledge your written concern within 30 days, and provide you a substantive written response within 60 days, of receiving your concerns. We will respond to disability-related concerns within 30 days. Address for Letters: Fly Jamaica Airways Ltd Customer Relations Department 2 Holborn Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I. Tel: 876-656-9845 Fax: 876-908-3069 Email: or   United States: Fly Jamaica Airways Ltd Terminal One JFK International Airport Jamaica, N.Y. 11430 Tel: +1 718-751-1259 -- | Fax: +1 718.751.1260 or   Aviation Consumer Protection Division, US Department of Transportation contacts: Website: Address: Aviation Consumer Protection Division, C-75, U.S.   Department of Transportation 1200 New Jersey Ave, S.E. Washington, D.C. 20590

12. Other services we offer to make your trip enjoyable and hassle free

When flight cancellations or misconnections occur, Fly Jamaica will do its best to mitigate passenger inconvenience. For example: Our reservations team generally will attempt to contact you via information in your booking record when a delay is known at least 4 hours before departure. If you have made your reservation through a travel agency and the delay is known at least 5 hours before departure, your travel agent will be advised to contact you accordingly. If a flight is cancelled or delayed, we will do our best to rebook you on our next flight, subject to seat availability. If you are inconvenienced overnight away from your home or destination for a reason within Fly Jamaica’s control, we may provide meal allowances and hotel accommodations, based on availability, at facilities in the area. For flight delays or cancellations that are caused by events beyond our control, including but not limited to weather and acts of war or terrorism, we will do our best to assist you, but we will not be responsible for your additional costs or expenses.

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