Excess Baggage Charge

Excess Baggage Charge

Fly Jamaica Airways will accept baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance on a Space Available Basis upon receipt of the applicable charge from the passenger. The charge for the excess baggage is payable upon check-in prior to departure.

Persons with disabilities travelling with their medical and mobility aids are not subject to the excess baggage charge for these aids. 

Baggage Embargo

Boxes and Excess Baggage will not be accepted during the following periods and any other holiday periods identified by Fly Jamaica Airways:

Southbound: December 15 – December 27, Northbound: December 31 – January 6

Excess Baggage/Overweight Charges




Excess Baggage Criteria

Excess Baggage Charges

To/From Jamaica, USA and Caribbean 

Excess Baggage Charges To/From Guyana 

Excess Baggage Charges To/From Canada

Overweight/Oversized baggage

51-70lb/23-32kg, Oversized 63-80in /203.2cm (H+W+L)

USD75 per piece


USD75 per piece


CAD75 per piece


Extra pieces of baggage over the free allowance which meet weight and dimension limitations all classes.

USD150 per piece

USD150 per piece

CAD150 per piece

Extra pieces of Baggage which exceed the free allowance weight and dimensions (H+W+L) i.e. 51-70lb/23-32kg, and dimensions of 63-80in /203.2cm are assessed a combined fee

USD225 per piece

USD225 per piece

CAD225 per piece

Baggage that exceeds seventy pounds 70lb/ 32kg or 80in/203.2cm in dimensions (H+W+L) for all classes.

Will not be accepted as checked baggage




Dimensions : Calculated (H+W+L)                   H-Height, W-Width, L-Length 

Revised June 23, 2014

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