Travel Tips

Travel Tips


  1. Ensure name on ticket matches name on passport
  2. Check expiry dates on both passport and visa
  3. Do your bag check before leaving home – checked bag must be 50lbs/23kg with a combined length, width and height of 62 inches/158cm
  4. Children’s strollers are checked free of cost at the counter or at the gate.
  5. Separate electronic equipment from other items in carry on bag so they can be easily removed at the security post
  6. Check more and carry on less. Lighten your carry on load as the distance between aircraft and immigration/customs hall may prove difficult
  7. Pack smart with security in mind. Medicines, jewelry and other valuable should be packed in carry-on bags.
  8. Check in early
  9. Separate documents from other item in a transparent pouch so they are easily accessed.
  10. Place identification tags and telephone numbers on inside as well as outside bags.  Label computers as they are commonly left at security points.
  11. All containers of liquids, gels, aerosols and paste must be limited to 3.4 oz/100mls
  12. Do not accept packages from other travelers as checked or carry-on bags
  13. Listen carefully to all announcements while waiting for flight departure.
  14. Stay close to your departure gate
  15. Dress comfortably for your trip, preferably in natural breathable fabric – loose fitting. Avoid wearing shoes clothing and accessories that contain metal.
  16. Carry warm clothing in carry-on bag as aircraft temperature may vary
  17. Stay hydrated to prevent headaches, stomach problems, cramps fatigue etc. Caffeine & alcohol can dry you out. Nasal mist can be very effective for dry nasal passages.
  18. Take your vitamins
  19. Keep hands clean to prevent viral infections.
  20. Go to the Rest room before take off


Fly Jamaica Airways reserves the right to cancel all continuing or return reservations held by a passenger if the passenger does not notify Fly Jamaica Airways of their intent to cancel their reservation up to departure of the flight. Fly Jamaica Airways will not be liable for doing so other than to refund the passenger in accordance with the applicable fare rules.

carrier may reassign any pre-reserved seat and/or cancel the reservation of the passenger and the carrier may not be able to transport the passenger’s baggage. The carrier is not liable to the passenger for loss or expense due to the passenger’s failure to comply with this provision. It is recommended that passengers provide Fly Jamaica Airways with a point of contact (e-mail address and/or telephone numbers) in case the carrier must communicate with the passenger prior to his/her departure or at any point during the passenger’s itinerary. Fly Jamaica Airways will make reasonable efforts to inform its passengers of any delays or schedule changes

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