Fly Jamaica Airways welcomes our youngest guests. However, for the well-being, safety and comfort of infants please adhere to the following rules.

All documents i.e. passports, visas, and any other documents required by the country to be visited should be valid for the infant. Infants, accompanied in the same cabin by a passenger 15 years of age or older, will be accepted for transportation. Persons entrusted with the care of infants and children must be capable of discharging this duty. Due to safety limitations, only a specified number of infants can be accommodated on each aircraft type.


Fly Jamaica Airways will not accept infants within the first seven (7) days of birth for travel. Infants under two years of age on the date of travel require a payment receipt but do not require a seat. Only one infant under the age of two years may be held in the lap of an accompanying passenger 15 years of age or older. Due to safety restrictions, only a limited number of infants held in lap can be accepted on Fly Jamaica flights. Infants in lap are allowed 1 item of baggage. No single passenger shall be responsible for more than one infant whether the infant is held on the lap of an accompanying passenger or a seat has been purchased for the infant and the infant is secured in an approved child restraint system (car seat). An infant under two years of age at the time of departure but reaching his/her second birthday during the continuing/return flight(s) will require a seat and must pay the applicable fare for the continuing/return flight(s). Infants under two years of age occupying a seat must be properly secured in an approved child restraint device.

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