Check In Time Limits

Check In Time Limits

All flights will be closed 60 minutes prior to departure.

Recommended check-in timeCheck-in/baggage drop-off deadlineBoarding gate deadline
Domestic 180 minutes 120 minutes 45 minutes
International (except JFK, New York) 180 minutes 120 minutes 45 minutes
JFK, New York 240 minutes 120 minutes 45 minutes

Fly Jamaica Airways may reassign any pre-reserved seat and/or cancel the reservation of the passenger and may be unable to carry the passenger’s baggage if the passenger fails to meet the time limits specified in the Check-In Time limits chart. The carrier will not be liable for applying this rule other than to refund the passenger in accordance with the applicable fare rules and the policy under Voluntary Refunds. Passengers must allow sufficient time to check-in, process through immigration and security procedures and present themselves at the gate for boarding at the specified times. Departure will not be delayed for passengers who arrive at airports of departure too late for such formalities to be completed before the scheduled departure time.

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