Documents for Travel

Documents for Travel

Please check your travel documents before making your reservations.

Your passports, visas, permits and any other documentation must be valid for travel for all destinations you plan to travel from, to or over.

To ensure that your travel experience is as smooth as possible, kindly check with your travel agents, consulates of countries you plan to travel through, from or to as to the documents required for travel for yourself, any child accompanied or unaccompanied, other family members or companions travelling with you.

For travel to a destination other than your country of residence or citizenship you may be required to show proof of return or continuing travel.

Documents establishing legal custody, a notarized letter from parent authorizing travel, death certificate if one parent is deceased, applicable visas and valid entry documents and any other documentation required by the country of destination.

For Canadian children who travel outside of the country, the following is required along with the above, their own passports, if the accompanying adult is the child's legal guardian, a copy of the court order granting guardianship must be presented, if only one parent is named on a child's birth certificate, the accompanying parent must provide a legal copy of the the child's birth certificate. If a minor child travel to a foreign country with only one parent, the accompanying parent requires a legal certified consent from the absent parent as well as a copy of any separation or divorce decree. If the absent parent is deceased, a legal copy of the death certificate should be presented.

Fly Jamaica Airways is not liable for your failure to have proper documents.

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