Passengers with disabilities

Passengers with disabilities

Carriage of Persons with Disabilities

Fly Jamaica Airways is committed to ensuring a pleasant travel experience to passengers with disabilities. For assistance with your travel needs, please call our Reservations Call Centre at  1-876-619-3595/1-876-656-9832 (Jamaica) and Guyana 1-592-222-0227.

Fly Jamaica Airways will accommodate a person with a disability and will not refuse to transport a person solely on his/her disability. In instances when refusing transportation to a person with a disability is necessary, Fly Jamaica will provide a written explanation to the person for the decision to refuse carriage at the time of the refusal.

Oxygen & Stretchers

Fly Jamaica Airways cannot provide oxygen or transport passengers on stretchers or in incubators.

Passengers with a disability who must use a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or a portable oxygen ventilator (POV) will be accepted if these items are FAA/JCAA approved, have met the safety standards of Fly Jamaica Airways and have met the safety and regulatory requirements of the country travelling to, from and over. An adequate number of non-spillable batteries (which are clearly labeled non-spillable) need to be brought by the passenger to last before, during the flight and up to an adequate number of hours after the flight in event of an unanticipated delay.

Passengers must advise the Reservations Call Centre ( 1855 9335952 or 18766193595, 8766569832, 592 222 0227) 48 hours prior to the flight that they are travelling with these items whether they are booked online, through a travel agency or directly with Fly Jamaica Airways and they will be advised of Fly Jamaica Airways requirements and procedures. Batteries must be packed in accordance with the carrier's rules. Failure to adhere to the requirements will result in the denied use of the POC/POV during travel.

Passengers must provide a signed letter from their doctor explaining the necessity of their use of the items and the capacity of the passenger to adequately operate and monitor the flow rates and understand the warnings emitted by the device.

Acceptance of Declaration of Self-Reliance

Except for applicable safety-related rules and regulations, the carrier will accept the determination made by or on behalf of a person with a disability as to self-reliance. Once advised that he or she is “self-reliant,” the carrier shall not refuse such passenger transportation on the basis that the person with a disability is not accompanied by a personal attendant or based on the assumption that the passenger may require assistance from airline employees in meeting the passenger’s needs such as assistance with eating, using the washroom facilities or administering medication which are beyond the range of services that are normally offered by the carrier.

Medical Clearance

Fly Jamaica Airways will not automatically require a medical certificate from persons with disabilities as a condition of travel. However, the carrier may, in good faith and using its reasonable discretion, determine that a person with a disability requires medical clearance where their safety or well-being, or that of other passengers, cannot be guaranteed. Where a carrier refuses to transport a passenger for such reasons, a written explanation must be provided at the time of refusal.

Advance Notice

Where a passenger requests a service at least 48 hours prior to departure, the carrier will provide the service. Please make your special service requests at the time of reservation and as far in advance of travel as possible. Where a passenger requests a service less than 48 hours prior to departure, Fly Jamaica Airways will make a reasonable effort to provide the service. Reservations Call Centre (1855 9335952 or 18766193595, 8766569832, 592 222 0227)

Seating Restrictions and Assignments

When a person identifies the nature of his or her disability, Fly Jamaica Airways will inform the passenger of the available seats that are most accessible and then assign the passenger an appropriate seat. If a person with a disability is travelling with an attendant, Fly Jamaica Airways will provide seating together if it is requested.

Passengers with a disability will not be permitted to occupy seats in designated emergency exit rows, or otherwise in accordance with applicable safety-related rules and regulations.

Wheelchairs, other mobility and medical aids

In addition to the regular baggage allowance, the carrier will accept, without charge, as priority checked baggage, mobility aids, including:

1. An electric wheelchair, a scooter or a manually operated rigid-frame wheelchair; however battery operated wheelchair must be labeled by the manufacturer as “non-spillable battery “. Damaged or leaking batteries will not be accepted for transport on the aircraft.

2. A manually operated folding wheelchair;

3. A walker, a cane, crutches or braces;

4. Any device that assists the person to communicate; and

5. Any prosthesis or medical device.

Where space permits, the carrier will, without charge, permit the person to store a manually operated folding wheelchair and small aids in the passenger cabin during the flight.

The assembling and disassembling of mobility aids with written instruction from the owner is provided by the carrier without charge.

Wheelchairs and mobility aids will be the last items to be stowed in the aircraft hold and the first items to be removed.

Manually Operated Wheelchair Access

Fly Jamaica Airways will permit the person who uses a manually operated wheelchair to remain in the wheelchair:

1. until the person reaches the boarding gate;

2. Where facilities permit, while the person is moving between the terminal and the door of the aircraft;

3. Where space and facilities permit, while the person is moving between the terminal and the passenger seat.

Service Animals

Fly Jamaica Airways will accept for transportation, without charge, a seeing eye dog/seizure alert dog required to assist a person with a disability provided that the animal is properly harnessed and certified as having been trained by a professional service animal institution, to accompany the person on board the aircraft and to remain on the floor at the person’s passenger seat.

Passengers must maintain control over their service animals at all times especially if there are interactions with other service animals on board. The passenger assumes full responsibility for the animal.

Before the animal is accepted for carriage, the passenger must make all necessary arrangements to obtain valid health and vaccination certificates, entry permits and other documents required by countries, states or territories for entry or transit. In the absence of such documentation, the animal will not be accepted for carriage. Passengers should check with other countries as to the acceptance of the service animals prior to making travel arrangements. Each country has its’ own rules regarding entry of animals and local regulations at your final or intermediate destination(s) may apply and impose further requirements or restrictions, including but not limited to, carriage in the passenger cabin, limitations on the designation of Service Animals to dogs only, or the non-recognition of emotional support animals as trained and qualified Service Animals.

Please note that dogs are not permitted entry to Jamaica/Guyana from any country unless born and bred in the United Kingdom, have never left the country and have never been inoculated with any type of rabies vaccine. You will be required to obtain an import permit from the Veterinary Services Division of the Ministry of Agriculture prior to arrival at the airport. Please note: All animals travelling to Jamaica must be rabies free.

Jamaica – For more information contact the Veterinary Services Division at 876-9772489 or 8769772492. To secure a permit, fax a letter of request to 8769770885.

Guyana -

Emotional Support Animal Restrictions

As certain unusual animals/reptiles pose unavoidable safety and/or public health concerns, Fly Jamaica Airways will not accept snakes, other reptiles, ferrets, rodents and spiders as Service Animals or Emotional Support Animals.

Passenger Seating with their Service Animal

For the comfort of all passengers, the carrier staff will determine, in consultation with the person with a disability, where the person and Service Animal will be seated. The carrier may request a passenger with an in-cabin animal to change seats after boarding to accommodate other passengers.

Fly Jamaica Airways will not be responsible in the event of loss, delay, injury, sickness or death of any service animal accepted for transportation which is in the control of the passenger.

If your journey involves more than 1 carrier, please check with the other carriers as to their rules regarding acceptance of animals prior to finalizing your trip.

Services to be provided for Persons with Disabilities

To ensure the highest level of service to passengers with disabilities please advise our agents upon making reservations of any services required while using Fly Jamaica’s services. Please also indicate to the agent that your service animal will be travelling with you. The minimum notice required for services is 48 hours prior to departure and if space is available for carriage of items. Services to be provided upon request will include:

1. Assisting with registration at the check-in counter;

2. Assisting in proceeding to the boarding area;

3. Assisting in boarding and deplaning;

4. Assisting in stowing and retrieving carry-on baggage and retrieving checked baggage;

5. Assisting in moving to and from an aircraft lavatory;

6. Assisting in proceeding to the general public area or, in some cases, to a representative of another carrier;

7. Transferring a person between the person’s own mobility aid and a mobility aid provided by the carrier;

8. Transferring a person between a mobility aid and the person’s passenger seat;

9. Providing limited assistance with meals, such as opening packages, identifying items and cutting large food portions;

10. Inquiring periodically during a flight about a person’s needs; and

11. Briefing individual passengers with disabilities and their attendant on emergency procedures and the layout of the cabin.

Boarding and Deplaning

Persons with disabilities needing assistance with boarding and deplaning may be required to board separately (normally prior to all other passengers) and disembark separately (normally after all other passengers).

Communication and Confirmation of Information

Fly Jamaica Airways will ensure that instructions relating to requests for accommodation from persons with disabilities are passed on to appropriate personnel along with other special instructions. A list of the services that the operator had undertaken to provide at the time of reservation will also be transmitted to the personnel assisting such persons.

Announcements to passengers concerning stops, delays, schedule changes, connections, and onboard services and claiming of baggage will be made in visual, verbal and/or written format to persons with disabilities who request such a service.

The carrier where possible, will indicate in the record of a person’s reservation any services that it will provide to that person.

Complaints Resolution Official (CRO)

While using the services of Fly Jamaica Airways if you encounter a disability related problem, you may speak to a Complaints Resolution Official (CRO) at the airport or on the telephone at 1876 6569832.




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